Ovey* in the Bundestag

Posted by Dr. Joey David Ovey on 7. November 2018
  Today, our project partner Martin Dumbs was invited as an expert to the Culture Committee of the Federal German Parliament to report on the results of our study on free entry to museums for children and young people. We were commissioned to compile the
In organisations, there is often a mismatch in how roles are expected to be fulfilled and how they are perceived by those carrying them out. Mismatch invariably arises in change processes and should be a focus of any change project. The aim should be to
A branch of an international company with team members from different countries had recently experienced a change in status which had shifted the equilibrium between four departments. One had grown, two had shrunk and one had stayed the same. At the same time as the

Welcome to Ganimete Scholz!

Posted by Dr. Joey David Ovey on 12. December 2017
A warm welcome to our student staff member Ganimete Scholz. Ganimete did her Bachelor in Social Economics with a major in HR at Hamburg University and is now studying for a Masters in Economics with a specialisiation in World Economics at Jena University . Ganimete spent

We’ve moved! New address

Posted by Dr. Joey David Ovey on 5. December 2017
Working from home has its advantages. You can get up when you want, not move more than 10 metres all day long, play with the cats and rearrange the dishwasher as often as you want. But sometimes it’s time for a change. So, after two
Change projects always take place in a sea of uncertainty. Employees worry about the future, about the tasks they will perform and about their ability to do them. It’s easy to say to managers and leaders that it is their job to motivate their staff
Recently I reached the halfway stage with a coaching client and we did an interim review together, talking about to what extent the coaching objectives were being met and using meta-communication to reflect on our relationship. This was useful in seeing what methods were helpful,
The North-Rhine Westphalian Ministry of Families, Children, Young People, Culture and Sport commissioned us to examine the feasibility of free or reduced entry for children and young people (to 18 yrs), families and people doing voluntary service to state-sponsored museums in NRW, to outline the

The importance of a vision

Posted by Dr. Joey David Ovey on 29. January 2017
Leaders are immensely important in change processes. Many really have an idea of what they want to achieve and others literally have no clue of what they want to achieve. What effect does having a vision or not actually have? Some can imagine what the

One year on…

Posted by Dr. Joey David Ovey on 28. January 2017
The first year is over. My fears (no presence, no projects, no pennies) have not been realised , and my hopes and desires (freedom, self-determination, ability to work more closely with clients) are on the way to being realised. My year was enabled by three things: