Team Coaching

  • You would like to improve your team’s performance?
  • You need to clarify or develop your team’s vision, strategy or objectives?
  • You want to improve processes in the team or clarify responsibilities, strengthen cooperation and take collaboration with  other teams to the next level?
  • As a manager or leader you want to concentrate on the issues at hand and need process consultancy in the form of professional facilitation?

We consult and coach teams to overcome challenges and improve performance. Our approach is calm and considered, enabling a dialogue that identifies issues and aims to secure and raise performance. In team coaching, we consider the context of the whole organisation and the overriding objectives of the organisation as being paramount.


Team strategies

  • Designing and implementing strategic development processes
  • Designing and implementing processes developing visions and mission statements and core principles
  • Engaging employees in strategy work


  • Designing and implementing change processes with employee participation
  • Improving change competence
  • Accompanying and coaching teams and working groups in change processes
  • Accompanying and coaching leaders and project managers through change

Team development

  • Designing and carrying out team retreats
  • Designing and carrying out team workshops
  • Designing and carrying out longer development processes with observation, feedback and reflection
  • Conflict resolution

"Virtual" teams and remote working

  • leading remote teams (“virtual” teams)
  • coordinating and working in remote teams


  • Facilitating strategy workshops
  • Facilitating large group events
  • Facilitating team development
  • Facilitating longer processes

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