• Do you want to change something in your area of ​​responsibility, and you need professional, neutral support?
  • Are you new in your role and would like to be accompanied professionally to gain a foothold quickly?
  • Do you want to reflect and develop your leadership skills?
  • As an expatriate or repatriate, do you want help in considering how you look at yourself, your role, your team?

In coaching, we help you take a look in the mirror, use your potential to clarify your role and find answers to your questions. We look into the issues beneath the surface and always keep the context of the whole organisation in sight.


Leadership coaching

  • Improving leadership skills
  • Accompanying and coaching managers and leaders: orientation, transition, change und development
  • Accompanying and coaching project managers

Expat Coaching

  • Adapting to a new culture and making sense of new experiences
  • Coping with a changing identity
  • Personal change management

What clients say

Joey has a clear skill at seeing below the surface and helping his clients solve problems. We had 6 sessions together each with a clear objective, exchange and an actionable outcome. I was extremely impressed by how practical the sessions were.

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