Leadership Coaching

  • Change: Do you want to mindfully lead change in your area of ​​responsibility, and you need professional, neutral support?
  • New in role: Are you new in your role and would like to be accompanied professionally to gain a foothold quickly?
  • Presence: Do you want to reflect on your role a manager and leader and develop your presence?
  • Dealing with conflict: Do you find yourself not speaking up? Do you want to become more robust?
  • Expats and internationals: As an expatriate or repatriate, do you want help in considering how you look at yourself, your role, your team?

In coaching, we help you take a look in the mirror, use your potential to clarify your role and find answers to your questions. We look into the issues beneath the surface and always keep the context of the whole organisation in sight.

Joey has Professional Coach status membership of the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) and the International Organization of Business Coaching (IOBC).


Coaching settings


Coaching sessions can take place:

  • face-to-face in our well-equipped quiet coaching space in Düsseldorf
  • face-to-face in your organisation
  • digitally via video (by Skype, MS Teams, Zoom etc…)

Our coaching and workshop space is located in a quiet rear courtyard in Friedrichstadt. The small building was originally built as a petrol station for a parcel sorting office but was then refused permission. Since then, the building has been used for different purposes, and is spending this phase of its life as a space for coaching and transformation. Apart from one-to-one coaching, the space can be used for small workshops of up to eight people.

Leadership coaching

  • clarifying roles: orientation, transition, change and development
  • building presence
  • change leadership
  • Accompanying and coaching project managers

Expat Coaching

  • Adapting to a new culture and making sense of new experiences
  • Coping with a changing identity
  • Personal change management

What clients say

Joey has a clear skill at seeing below the surface and helping his clients solve problems. We had 6 sessions together each with a clear objective, exchange and an actionable outcome. I was extremely impressed by how practical the sessions were.

Kundenstimme weiblich

What I liked? The professional design of the process, the trusting and safe atmosphere, the identification of the really crucial points, the willingness to work on complex issues, the question techniques.

Selected references

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  • Head of Talent Management in a start up: Learning from the results of 360° feedback, clarification of own needs and role
  • CEO of a start up: managing growth, leadership in team, how close can I be to staff? growing into the role
  • Head of department in a venture capital company: How do I move forward without burning out, setting priorities, staying calm
  • commercial director on a posting abroad: career planning, change competence, cooperation with other sections
  • counsels in legal practice: preparing for partnership
  • High potential in a government agency: Do I really want a leadership role?
  • Head of a Goethe-Institut: Being secure in the leadership role, working out what how much exterior recognition one needs, planning the next career steps
  • Director in a government department: new to the role, steering through the first few months, dealing with hierarchy
  • managers in a federal authority: improving cooperation, Burn-out prevention
  • manager in an UN agency: preparing to be head of mission
  • Heads of department in public bodies: coaching through change, consequences of digital transformation on leadership
  • Project managers: concluding projects, securing a legacy, planning next steps
  • special advisor to a minister: Reflecting on their own role, team leadership
  • director of services in a local authority: presence in change projects
  • senior director in an IT company: building presence as a senior executive
  • managing directors in a management consultancy: new in role, gaining presence