We advise, we facilitate and we coach.
We develop organisations and leadership.

International Teams and Expatriates

Teams working in an international environment are exposed to a high level of complexity but also live from the potential of their diversity. Expatriates enliven our cities, are cosmopolitan and mobile. But still need to adapt to new cultures. We employ our own continuous experience to accompany international teams and expatriates on their path, helping them make sense of their experiences and find their feet quicker.


Expert organisations

We are specialists for expert organisations. Expert organisations are knowledge-based organisations characterised by a high degree of autonomy and a high degree of identification with expertise. The autonomy of the staff is important to their performance but presents a challenge for strategy, management and leadership. Examples are management consultancies and law firms as well as universities and academic/scientific institutes, professional bodies and cultural institutes.

Our experience shows that understanding and accepting the different dynamics in the organisation is key to further development.

Public sector

The public sector is society’s foremost service provider. Public service attracts people with strong convictions. And we’re better for it. We know our way around all levels of the public sector: central, regional and local government and quangos. We know what makes administration tick, what motivates public servants and what the political dimension can mean. We help the public sector to face the challenges of the present age.

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