Our approach is



Organisations are systems. Systems consist of people, interpretations, rules, behavioural patterns, resources and history. A systemic approach enables a change in perspective that opens the way for solutions.


solution focused

Solutions can be structured differently to problems. Why dwell in the past when the solution lies in the present and points to the future? We develop in the direction we focus on.



Good strategies and change projects have tidy processes. Much resistance to change is procedural. Transparency helps to ensure people know what’s coming next: what is happening and who is doing what when, how, where and why?

Clients' questions

You want to take cooperation within your organisation to the next level or improve collaboration with your customers and stakeholders?

We design concepts to improve collaboration and accompany you in the implementation, also before conflicts arise.

You want to develop your strategy and
get your workforce on board?

We support you in uncovering decisive factors and discovering possible solutions and ensure the necessary level of employee participation.

Your organisation must react to developments by changing? You want to involve the employees but are uncertain how to manage the process?

We design change projects and garner the knowledge and expertise in your organisation to find appropriate solutions. We create professional and tidy environments to get employees involved.

You would like to reflect on and develop your leadership skills?
Perhaps as an expat?

We help you take a look in the mirror, unlock your potential and find answers to your questions.

palette of services

We advise, we facilitate and we coach.
We develop organisations and leadership.

  • Public sector

    The public sector is society’s foremost service provider. Public service attracts people with strong convictions. And we’re better for it. We know our way around all levels of the public sector: central, regional and local government and quangos. We know what makes administration tick, what motivates public servants and what the political dimension can mean. We help the public sector to face the challenges of the present age.

  • Health care

    Organisations in the health service have solid values and a sense of social responsibility. Hardly any other branch has to deal with so many increasing demands and the continuous necessity to adapt. We have experience with many stakeholders in the health service and support organisations and leaders steer through challenging organistional questions and find appropriate answers.

  • International teams and expatriates

    Expatriates enliven our cities, are cosmopolitan and mobile. But still need to adapt to new cultures. We employ our own continuous experience to accompany English-speaking international teams and expatriates on their path, helping them make sense of their experiences and find their feet quicker.

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  • Designing and implementing strategic development processes
  • Designing and implementing processes developing visions and mission statements and core principles
  • Engaging employees in strategy work




  • Organisational reviews
  • Calcultating staff requirements
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Analysing and optimising processes
  • Organisation development




  • Designing and implementing change processes with employee participation
  • Improving change competence
  • Accompanying and coaching teams and working groups in change processes
  • Accompanying and coaching leaders and project managers through change




  • Supervising consultants
  • Supervising coaches
  • Supervising teams


Team development


  • Designing and accompanying team development
  • Designing and carrying out team coaching
  • Designing and accompanying feedback groups in change and organisational development projects, action learning

Leadership Entwicklung



  • Improving leadership skills
  • Accompanying and coaching managers and leaders: orientation, transition, change und development
  • Accompanying and coaching project managers




  • Facilitating strategy workshops
  • Facilitating large group events
  • Facilitating future labs
  • Facilitating team development
  • Facilitating stakeholder dialogues

Expat Coaching

Expat coaching


  • Adapting to a new culture and making sense of new experiences
  • Coping with a changing identity
  • Personal change management


Dr. Joey-David Ovey

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Joey-David Ovey learnt the tools of the trade as a consultant with Prognos and Kienbaum and has extensive experience advising customers in the public sector and health care. For him it goes without saying that projects can only succeed in tandem with the people in organisations.

Through his years in a leadership role he knows that plans invariably change. Flexibility and arbitrariness are however not the same thing. A leader must be able to take a standpoint.

Originally from the UK, he has been living in Germany for over 20 years. During this time he has honed his ability to listen carefully and not take anything for granted. He now works throughout Europe.

He is a qualified coach and a member of the German Society of Systemic Organisational Consulting and has training in supervision for coaches and consultants from the Tavistock Institute, London. He is a guest lecturer in organisational diagnostics at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg.

Many courses on project management, self-presentation and facilitation. Participation in group relations conferences.


For us, collaboration is a basis for organisational success. For that same reason we have internalised it as a principle ourselves. Our network of partners means we are able to provide the right competences and quality for specific questions and take on complex contracts.



ovey* Organisation and Leadership Development
Consulting – Coaching – Facilitation


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