One year on…

The first year is over.

My fears (no presence, no projects, no pennies) have not been realised , and my hopes and desires (freedom, self-determination, ability to work more closely with clients) are on the way to being realised.

My year was enabled by three things:

  1. My old company, Prognos, letting me stay on as an associate and carrying on with the projects I was working on before and helping out on a few new, too.
  2. Old clients coming back and booking me
  3. Finding new clients to broaden my customer base.

Thematically, change and organisation development in the public sector have dominated. The effects of digitisation and an accelerated world mean organisations and leadership need to be able to position themselves more quickly than ever before. That hurts especially in the public sector, with many people join because of a need for security. Living with uncertainty (VUCA) in four dimensions – at the societal level, at the organisational level, at the personal level and at the level of employees, is something that needs to be reflected upon and calibrated from time to time.

Coaching young foreign female leaders has also offered many insights this year. Many international coachees assume problems are intercultural, and certainly how the world appears to us is influenced by our cultural heritage. Intercultural awareness helps us understand a problem, but finding a solution however still requires us to make active decisions.

I’ve also carried out classical organisation projects: organisation design, process optimisation and personnel requirements. Combining these analyses with implementation consulting has added real value, especially in tandem with other consultants.

Attending a group relations conference at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic  in London was a great, albeit challenging learning experience. Experiencing how authority and leadership emerge (and are destroyed) and how our own assumptions shape our actions was extremely worthwhile.

Teaching organisational diagnostics at the Fresenius University in Hamburg and being on selection commissions for new students of Management and PPE at Witten/Herdecke have rounded off the year.

Year one down, many more to go.